REHEART is a digital focused enterprise that offers high quality, gently worn, designer items that inspire and connect women through fashion, economic empowerment and sustainability.
No, we are purely an online rental service.

We will however have pop up stores coming soon, stay tune for updates here.
Yes, we proudly do! Start renting here.
When you order an item online, there’s always a chance it might not fit. Chat with our stylists before ordering to ensure your items will fit with your specific measurements. If your rental does not fit, please email us at hello@reheart.ca WITHIN 12 hours of RECEIVING your item.
Under the “Size & Fit” tab of each item on REHEART, each fashion piece is listed by "common" size versus its labelled tag size. This is because we know the pieces and designers best to recommend it based off your most common understanding of sizes. We also include further details of the measurements of each piece. If you're still unsure and are a little bit hesitant - no worries! Simply contact our friendly Customer Service Team for assistance.
We recommend you set your delivery date 1 – 2 days before your event to avoid any last-minute stress and to make sure everything’s perfect. Once your dress is reserved, we will send you a confirmation email. Remember, you can book your dress up to 6 months in advance.
When you order an item online, there’s always a chance it might not fit. Chat with our stylists before ordering to ensure your items will fit with your specific measurements. If your rental does not fit, please email us at hello@reheart.ca WITHIN 12 hours of RECEIVING your item.
If your dress gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, you will be liable to pay for the retail price of the item as listed on our website.

We know that this is a rare and unfortunate event, and rest assured, we’ll work out the best solution for you. In assessing the replaceable value, we will take into account: the demand of that dress in the market, the availability to purchase that dress in the market, the condition of the dress before you hired it, and the rental fee that you’ve already made.
Plans change, we get it. If you need to cancel your order, please contact our Customer Service Team.

If you contact us before we’ve dispatched your designer dress, we will cancel the order without any charge. However, if you contact us after we’ve dispatched your dress, we will issue a cancellation fee of $25.
Included in your rental price is our REHEART Insurance Coverage that protects you from stains and minor damages. So relax, enjoy, and Own the Moment!

Please see our Terms of Service for more information.
Nope - to make it easy for you, REHEART handles all of the professional cleaning. After each order, we dry clean all items and get it ready for its next order.

At REHEART, we use the top-rated, environmentally sustainable wet cleaning partners to ensure that the pieces are not worn down between wears. We are an environmentally responsible company and it would be irresponsible to use dry cleaning. The only times we do not use wet cleaning is if the garment tag specifies that we use "dry clean only" or "hand wash only".
We do our best to ensure that every dress arrives wrinkle-free. Dresses are steamed and pressed before being wrapped in a garment cover and placed in a beautiful box for delivery. Certain fabrics are more prone to wrinkles though, and if you receive a dress with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat. Alternatively, you can hang the dress in a steamy bathroom while showering, and the steam will de-crease it. However, please ensure to hang the dress where it can't accidentally get splashed.

Note: please do not iron the dress as this may cause damage.
While it is unfortunate, items that are rented experience normal wear and tear. We inspect each and every garment before we deliver it and have a quality control policy in place during returns. If you receive an item that has already been damaged, please notify us immediately and schedule a return within 24 hours.
You can rent an item for 4, 10, or 30 days!
Our prices are very competitive - and comes to about 10-15% of the retail price! See individual clothing for rental fees.
At REHEART, we authenticate all items before listing them, so we unconditionally guarantee that all our dresses are 100% authentic.
See the full list of designers we stock on our Designers page.

Our range continues to grow every day, with many more designers to come with every season! Our aim is to build a wardrobe with a large selection of designer dresses & accessories from a range of gorgeous designer brands.
Alterations are not allowed on any of our items. If needed, you can use solutions such as hem tape to temporarily tailor your dress, provided you remove it prior to sending it back.
Declutter, make money & save the planet -- one closet at a time.

We want to give all women fashion freedom. By lending your clothing on REHEART…

1. You retain ownership, so you have the option of wearing it again or asking for it back in the future.
2. You can earn more than you would through selling them
3. You gain extra closet space
4. PLUS lots more! Learn more about lending with us here.
Complete our lister application by submitting photos and a short description of the items you want to list. Once completed, our team will contact you shortly after your submission! Turn your closet into cash today!
As a lender, you receive up to 50% of net profit on every order.
You will get paid at the end of the rental period. For example, if the customer puts in an order in March for a June rental, you will get paid in June.
We will send you an e-transfer to deposit the payment. If you do not have auto-deposit set up, we will send you the password for the e-transfer in a separate email.
Check out our current inventory's bestsellers for reference as to what pieces rent best. Generally, the criteria for REHEART’S best items are items that:
    • Are less than 1-year-old
    • Retail for $300+
    • Are from the latest and most notable brands.
Ideally, it’s that dress your friends are always asking to borrow or that special purse that gets lots of compliments. We recommend picking 3 to 5 of your favourite pieces, not your whole closet. If you have a piece that does not meet the criteria above, tell us why it is special! You can apply to list your pieces here.
As long as the piece is available and not rented out, you can request your items back at any time. Please notify us at least 72 hours in advance by phone or email. 
It would definitely break our heart to see you go. But we’re understanding. So if you’re sure that you would like to permanently remove your entire closet from REHEART, simply let us know and we can remove your pieces from the website.

We can have them back to you within 5 business days, so long as they are not already rented out or booked for a rental in the future. If they are booked for a future rental, you must allow for the order to be fulfilled before having the piece returned permanently.
You are never liable for the damages. If it is repairable, then REHEART covers it completely. If the garment is damaged beyond repair, we will either purchase the dress new in your size (if available) or refund you the market value of the piece.
We doubt that our community of sweethearts would ever do such a thing. In the extremely rare event that an item is stolen or not returned, REHEART will charge the customer to replace the piece, as per our Terms of Service. In the case that this is not possible, REHEART will cover the cost of the replacement. As the lender, you will never be liable.
If you are a designer or fashion house looking to list your collection on REHEART, contact our team for all business inquiries.
Oh Canada, yes we do! We are a proud Canadian company serving all provinces & territories.
Unfortunately not. We are purely in Canada, but are looking to expand internationally very soon.

Nonetheless, if you're from Canada and going on an international trip, you are totally allowed to wearing our pieces outside of Canada. Just be sure that you don't go over your rental period to avoid late fees.

If you're not from Canada but are visiting our lovely native land, we can arrange pickups at your hotels.
1. Canada Post Express Delivery (3-7 business days)
2. FREE Self-Serve Order Pick-Up in the GTA.
The delivery time is based on the shipping option that you have chosen.

Once the order has shipped, we will email your tracking information on the next day as tracking information generally becomes available 24 hours after we have shipped the order.

For Penguin Pickup, you will receive a confirmation email for pickup on the day you selected in the booking calendar.
To track your order, simply use the tracking number emailed to you after purchase on the Canada Post Tracking page
Returning your dress is super quick and easy!

If you used our Penguin Pickup service, simply place your order back in its original packaging and label. Drop it off at your local Penguin Pickup using our pickup locator here. Please do not be late with your drop-off to avoid any late fees.

If your order was shipped straight to your door, simply place the garments in the same box but with our given prepaid printed return label and place it on top of the box. Then drop it off at your nearest post office.
Life happens and you're busy owning the moment! To remind you of your return, we send you a friendly reminder via email to ensure that you don't miss your return date!

It's very rare that anyone sends their orders back late, but in the event that you happen to miss your return date, a late fee of $30/day applies.

If your drop-off date ends on a weekend or public holiday, no worries - you will not be charged. Your package will be sent back to us the following business day!
No worries at all. Just drop off your REHEART box to your nearest postal office. Your package will be sent back to us the following business day -- with no late fees incurred.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us.