REHEART is more than a company enabling access to high quality and designer items for women across Canada. We pride ourselves in being an innovative, digital-focused social enterprise on a larger mission to inspire and connect women through fashion, economic empowerment and sustainability. 


Allow Me To Introduce Myself

RELOVE, Founder Vasiliki

Hello, lovely!
I’m Vasiliki, CEO & Founder of REHEART.

REHEART was born out of the harsh reality of living on a broke student budget, yet having an ever growing desire to express myself through fashion.

For years, I’ve been purchasing items I couldn’t really afford - resulting in maxed out credit cards, waves of guilt and the occasional frantic rush to resell my clothes only to realize I’ll NEVER get a favourable return on investment (I've tried all the options to no avail).

Obsessed with the latest trends, I had a closet overflowing with clothes, but constantly felt as if I had absolutely nothing to wear. Sounds like a first-problem, right? Only to find out the fashion industry is the 2nd largest global polluter, and I knew we had to do something about this.

So, what started off as sharing my clothes with family and friends has since expanded to this very company. A movement in promoting sustainable fashion, Canadian talent and emerging fashion houses.
Join us as we Reduce, Reuse, and Reheart!

Vasiliki Signature

Distraught by the not-so-glamorous truth exposed of the fashion industry in The True Cost, I knew I had to do something. Taking a look at my overflowing closet, I tore down my bedroom closet, transformed it into an office and built REHEART.

I moved to Montreal to work at a makeup company giant by day, and REHEART by night. Here, I developed amazing relationships with beauty and fashion influencers who then became some of our top listers!

We gained our first lender! We were slowly but surely getting the best curated closet right to your fingertips.

I returned to my hometown, Toronto, and went full-time on REHEART! We launched our private beta and were perfecting the REHEART experience to be as seamless as possible - tailored for you.

We celebrated our first birthday by taking REHEART to the public at the Schulich Startup Night Pitch Competition. We won 1st place and officially got incorporated!

We were asked to be featured in Startup Here Toronto. From interview to photoshoot, we were getting ready to get our brand out in the public!

Since 2016, Natalie Festa & Chris Cundari built the Boro community for changemakers and fashionistas just like you. They challenged the status quo and brought the sustainable fashion movement to the forefront in Canada. As they continued to grow, they helped thousands of Canadian women truly Own the Moment - bringing confidence and style to everyone. In 2019, we proudly joined forces, serving as Canada’s largest fashion marketplace 🇨🇦🙌